Mexican restaurant in Coldwater, MI | Los Tequilas


Savory Fajita Pina, Molcajete, and More! A Colorful Fiesta of Authentic Mexican Flavors

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Try Mexican in the Heart of MI

Get a taste of authentic Mexican food faves like Fajita Piña and Molcajete down at Los Tequilas in Coldwater, MI and let the mouthwatering medley of flavors kick-start the fiesta in your mouth. We’re as involved in the community as we’ve always been and still serving customers from all over town and Detroit, as well as those from as far as WI and OH for more than 18 years.

Ages-Old Family Recipes

Sample homemade meals culled from age-old family recipes and let our owner, Francisco, charm you with interesting nuggets of Mexican culinary culture. For groups of 10 or more diners, we recommend making a reservation.