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Give in to the Mex Food Hex!

Savor Mexico with Gusto!

Some like it hot and some like it straight from the pot. Tell us if you like it hardcore spicy like true-blue Mexicans. Hot or not, we make sure that you enjoy the world of flavors in every meal we serve at Los Tequilas in Coldwater, MI. Our chips and salsa are also available for takeout.

Start With a Bang

For a fiery opening salvo, wake up your palate with appetizers, quesadillas, niños, and salads.

MexiCombi Variations

Feed the whole gang with delightful combination dinners. We also have gluten-free meal options and vegetarian combinations.

Land, Air, and Sea Attack!

Take your pick from luscious seafood, chicken, and pork entrees and enjoy.

Grilled Sizzlers

From the frying pan and into the fire! Get a bite of our bestsellers: sizzling fajitas, molcajete, and steaks.

Go Gaga Over Burritos and More

Indulge in your all-time Mexican faves. Our burritos, enchiladas, chalupas, and nachos rule!

Take Mex to the Next Level

Dining at Los Tequilas is never complete without sampling the heavenly array of highlight entrees featured in our Especialidades menu. Every item is a must-try.

Classic Mexican Lunch Treats

Old-school Mexican classics never die, they just get better. Give in to your cravings now!

Cool It Down, Mi Amigo!

Simmer down after a hot and spicy meal with our Margarita Rocas and more. Grab some cold ones with your friends.

Dine with us today and savor homemade meals featuring authentic Mexican family recipes.
Call us at 517-278-0920 for La Fiesta party space reservations.

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